PCSOs visit

Today, we had a visit from Lee and Kayleigh who were PCSOs. They came to read us a story. They read us, “Peace At Last” by Jill Murphy. One child said, “we had so much fun”, another said, “it was lovely”.

We learned that in the book, Mr Bear couldn’t sleep because Mrs Bear was snoring so he decided to try sleeping in other places, including Baby Bears room, the car, the kitchen and even the garden! He couldn’t sleep in any of these places because it was too loud, cold or noisy. Eventually, he managed to get to sleep back in his bed, just as it was time to wake up.

Thank you Lee and Kayleigh for coming to see us today 🙂

Guess Who?

In Design and Technology the children have had to:
• Design products that have a clear purpose and an intended user.
• Make products, refining the design as work progresses.
• Demonstrate a range of cutting and shaping techniques (cutting and folding)
• Demonstrate joining techniques by gluing.

The aim for our toys topic was to create a board game.
We looked at a range of games and decided to make a ‘Guess Who?’ game.
The children planned what materials they would need, what extra resources they would need and drew a plan of how their game would look. The children cut out images of their friends and glued to their cardboard board. The children measured pieces of card using rulers to fit over the pictures. They glued these at the top to make a flap which can be lifted and put back down.


Yesterday the children came into class to find huge footprints, chairs upside down and leaves everywhere!

We discussed who could have made this mess and came up with some ideas why. The children decided they thought it was the GIANT!



We then explained that it would be nice to share our news with other people. We discussed how we could do this e.g. TV, Social Media, however we decided to spend out week writing a newspaper report. We looked at samples of newspapers and talked about key features e.g. headline, logo , picture/photo and article. The children were then given time to explore a range of newspaper articles.


We will publish our news reports at the end of the week.

Mrs Stocks and Miss Sewart




Wild Plants

The children went on a wild plant hunt but unfortunately they could not find any wild plants that were on their list. We realised that it has been too cold for many plants to grow so we will look again in the Spring.

eSafety – Spring Term 2018

This week, the children have been involved in eSafety sessions.

Firstly, thank you to all of the parents who attended these sessions. It is important that the children are aware of these issues and seeing parents at these sessions, makes it clear that the messages we give at school are also being talked about at home.

They have been reminded of the importance to stay safe online and to tell our trusted adults if we see or hear anything online that upsets us or anything that makes us feel sad, angry or worried.

I therefore have some further information for you regarding this important issue. Safer Internet Advice to Parents. This information helps parents with what to do if your child sees something upsetting online.

It has been made explicitly clear to the children that if they are unsure about anything, or worried, scared, lonely or upset, they should tell one of their trusted adults at home or school to try to help them out. I hope the information above and the links which are included in that post are useful in dealing with the sometimes difficult conversations that can come up if children do see or hear anything which they shouldn’t, online.

Below, you will find links to the quiz which was used in the sessions, along with the answers to these questions. I hope you find these useful. The children should know the answers, as they have been more fully explained during the eSafety sessions.

Mr H’s eSafety Quiz                  Mr H’s eSafety Quiz with Answers

If you have any questions or queries relating to the eSafety sessions which have taken place this week, please do not hesitate to find Mr Higginbotham around school.

Thank you.


Our current text in English is Dogger.

The children have learnt about the characters in the story e.g. Dave, Dogger and Bella and have begun to think about the characters thoughts and feelings throughout different parts of the story.

This week we are preparing to write out new version of Dogger. The children have changed the main character and have picked a new toy.

We will write our stories next week. We hope you look forward to reading them.

Miss Sewart and Mrs Stocks


Maths -WB 8th January and WB 15th January

During WB 8th January in our maths session we were learning about 2D and 3D shapes,. We have been naming shapes and recognising their properties e.g. a cube has square faces, a cylinder has curved edges. We then discussed how many vertices, edges and faces each shape has. The children begin to notice from drawing around 3D shapes that you can see 2D shapes within a 3D shape e.g. triangle and square faces can be found in a square based pyramid.


This week (WB 15th Jan) we have moved on to learning about place value within numbers to 20.

We have learnt that all numbers from 11-19 have a 1 at the beginning and this stands for 1 ten. The other number is the amount of ones or units in that number e.g. 16 is made up of 1 ten and 6 ones.

The children have used practical equipment to find the place value of numbers and have becoming more confident in understanding what this means. Later on in the year we will apply these strategies and work with larger numbers (to 100).

Today we used ten frames and the part whole model to show the place value of numbers to 20.

Mrs Stocks and Miss Sewart


Yesterday it was Year 1’s Christmas party day. We started the day in the hall playing party games. The children then came back to class where we carried on the fun with Christmas activities  in class such as dancing and Christmas crafts!

In the afternoon we went for party food and then had a visit from the big man himself … SANTA!

Thank you for all the continued support over the year so far.

Mrs Stocks, Miss Sewart and all the Year 1 Team